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6 Quick Points About Jodie Foster’s Meta Non-Coming Out Speech

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on January 14, 2013

Jodie Foster’s scatterbrained acceptance speech at the 2013 Golden Globes generated a wider range of instant reaction than we’ve seen on just about any awards show moment of the past few years. Her brave, weird, sloppy, honest, trainwreck, amazing, meta non-coming out quasi-retirement speech really brought the bestworst out of Twitter. If you missed it, watch it here:

Since you’ve probably seen 342 blog posts and 123,321 tweets about whether Jodie Foster was awesome or crazy, here are six quick points that will hopefully help you come to an informed decision on what’s best for her:

1. Foster already came out … at an awards show … in 2007: Since this was a lifetime achievement award, there was no surprise as to whether Foster would have to give a speech at the Globes, and surely she heard from quite a few people that she just *had* to come out and be a role model for girls everywhere. But why? You could make the case that Foster’s been yet another closeted actress, but she’s already made public statements that made it quite clear. Back in 2007, “after winning an award at a Women in Entertainment breakfast, she broke her taboo to thank ‘my beautiful Cydney.’” Was she unnecessarily defensive on Sunday? Absolutely. Perhaps that was because she felt the LGBT community was unnecessarily aggressive in demanding that she use this moment to do something she’s already done.

2. And as far as role models go, what budding lesbian or questioning teen is really taking her sexuality cues from Jodie Foster’s coming out? Do people under 20 even know who Foster is? I’m all for role models — but let’s keep it in perspective. We need role models in places where it’s still taboo. That’s where it counts. If a pro athlete comes out, if more politicians come out, those will be amazing developments for young LGBT folk who need gay icons and idols. Jodie Foster? Who out there is saying, “ZOMG, Jodie Foster’s gay, I’m coming out to my parents tonight, YOLO!”

3. Even though your Twitter timeline must have been filled with Jodie Foster snark and opinion, her strange stage dive was not among the top three moments that drove conversation, according to Twitter (the top three slots were Jennifer Lawrence’s win, Anne Hathaway’s fake sincerity and former President Bill Clinton feeling Lincoln’s pain). So while this *felt* huge in the moment last night, it wasn’t even as discussed as you think.

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4. For everyone dogging Jodie’s speech, Kevin Costner’s acceptance was way worse. His les miserables speech was what you say when you’re dying and you want everyone else to be sad about it.

5. The privacy issue: Some people positively freaked out that Foster had the chutzpah to request privacy in her life while on stage of an internationally televised awards show. While there’s some truth to that, it’s intriguing that these people don’t believe you can be a public figure and still have a private life. Foster is not now, and has never been, a limelight-seeker. Her life is acting. Her career is acting. That’s a very public gig. That does not mean everything she does has to be broadcast out to the world. You can make films, win awards and make speeches on big stages in front of the world without giving every part of yourself up to others. That’s not mutually exclusive.

6. Really, did you expect something coherent and focused from a woman who showed up to one of her biggest awards show moments with Mel Gibson?

Okay, your turn … what did you think? Weigh in below …

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show
(AP Photo/NBC, Paul Drinkwater)

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