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He Ran For Your Sins: Barefoot Jesus, With Cross, at 2013 NYC Marathon

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By HVnews on November 3, 2013

Some people see Jesus Christ in their grilled cheese or windshield poop. Others see Him running through New York City’s five boroughs.

Many ING NYC Marathon runners choose to dress up, but rarely do we see such a blasphemous offering. Witnesses and participants spotted a man running the 26.2-mile route dressed as a barefoot Jesus Christ, complete with cardboard cross. It’ll be a miracle if He wakes up with Tetanus.

Yahoo! did some digging and uncovered the Faux Messiah’s identity: “According to the NYC Marathon website, his bib number — 55-970, affixed, naturally, to the cross — belongs to Makoto Takeuchi, from Chiba, Japan. (It appears Takeuchi is a New York-based photographer; an email sent to the address listed on his website was not immediately returned.)”

We reached out as well, and the man who Yahoo identifies as the Jesus runner replied saying he is not the guy. Trickery?

Sorry, I am not “the Jesus guy”.
I used to live in NYC, but moved back to Japan 2 years ago.
There are so many “Makoto Takeuchi” in Japan.
you picked the wrong one…

However, Thank you for looking at my web site.

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At this time it’s unclear if Jesus finished the race, and if He did, what his race time was. We’ll update when we learn more.

A cursory search of the interwebs reveals that this is not wholly original — Jesus has been spotted in Japan, Los Angeles and elsewhere.

Could that be Makoto Takeuchi? The Japan Marathon Jesus’s identity hasn’t been revealed. This LA Jesus is clearly another guy:

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