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Israel’s Education Minister Giggles For Minutes After Saying ‘Penetration’ In Speech

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Brett Rosner

By Brett Rosner on June 4, 2013

Israel’s education minister just had his own Anderson Cooper moment.

Minister Shai Piron was giving a speech to Israel’s Knesset Tuesday on the spread of illegal cell phones and other dangerous objects into prison cells (do they not have smuggle-cats like Russia?). But then Piron landed on the word “penetration.” That’s when he erupted into the gigglefest.

(The video is in Hebrew, but you won’t need it to understand.)

After giggling like a juvenile schoolboy for several minutes, Piron finally gave up and asked the welfare minister to finish the speech for him.

In fairness, this took place after midnight, when everyone was over-tired.

But c’mon, dude, lawmakers shouldn’t act like children when it comes to the future of their penal system. Ha! Penal. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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