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12-Person Human Chain Saves New Zeeland Boy From Drowning

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By HVnews on March 11, 2013

Whoever thought all those games of Red Rover could have been training people to save someone’s life? But the strength of that type of human chain is exactly what saved 12-year-old New Zeelander Joshua McQuoid from being drowned by a strong undertow after being swept out to sea.

McQuoid’s friend, Hikiroa Ratapu, quickly raised the alarm, causing two police officers and a German tourist to attempt to rescue the boy from the pounding surf, but their attempts proved to be no match for the strength of the waves which dragged the boy along the beach for eight minutes and almost 500 feet. Yet, quick thinking police officers gathered a group of beach goers to form a 12 person long human chain to rescue McQuoid.

Joshua, who became unconscious during the rescue, was quickly pulled to shore as his dead weight was passed along the human chain till he was safe on the beach. After being taken to Hawke’s Bay Hospital, Joshua was discharged later that day. Extremely grateful for their act of courage and compassion, Joshua’s father Shane said, “I just wish I could thank each and every one. Without them basically my son wouldn’t be here.”

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