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Harlem Shake Casualty: H.S. Hockey Team Forced to Forfeit Playoff Game

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By HVsports on February 18, 2013

“If all your Internet friends meme’d off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it, too?” –These kids’ stern moms today, likely

The Harlem Shake has claimed its first official casualty: The Nyack-Tappan Zee hockey team said goodbye to the Section 1 hockey playoffs, and it’s all thanks to the team’s participation in the Rasputin of Internet memes.

Warning: This is one of the most homoerotic things on YouTube, complete with a dude who is only wearing one sock, and it’s not on his foot.

The team joins Rep. Eric Massa as victims of their own homoeroticism.

LoHud’s Mike Doughtery reported that while no official reason was given for the team’s forced forfeit, a forward named Corey Aronson tweeted to a friend, “We were forfeited from playoffs for a borderline inappropriate video in the locker room of Harlem shake.” Then Doughtery got on his high horse:

Here’s the lesson … kids need to be reminded every so often what that omnipresent www stands for. They have to realize these hormonal snippets they keep posting on the World Wide Web are out in the open where friends and neighbors, parents and teachers, bloggers and journalists can see them.

A forfeit in this case seems a little harsh, they weren’t being destructive, but they weren’t exactly representing those uniforms that were discarded before somebody turned up the music and screamed, ‘Action!’

Lessons are all well and good, but this seems like a tremendous overreaction for something as silly as making a dumb video that didn’t harm anyone.

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[LoHud via The Big Lead]
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