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Shocking Anti-Binge Drinking Ads, With Boy Puking Up Girlfriend, Hit Airwaves in Spain

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Brett Rosner

By Brett Rosner on May 29, 2013

In the battle against binge drinking, the Spanish government is taking no prisoners. Horror movie-style PSAs are popping up on TVs in Spain, prompting disgust and shock. One of the 20-second ads features a young man upchucking his girlfriend. Seriously, his entire girlfriend.

Too much? Or enough to make a point? Watch and judge this unsettling clip:

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Another clip features a young woman regurgitating her own father.

According to the New York Daily News, the advertisements end with the narrator saying: “Every time you get drunk, you push away the people that matter to you.”

Some Spanish viewers say the ads, which were made by the anti-drug and alcohol abuse group FAD, are too extreme. The FAD boss, however, defended the content, saying alcohol abuse among youngsters in the country was “very serious.”

It’s good to see new efforts trying to battle the serious issue of binge drinking. We’ll see if this PSA makes an impact in Spain — maybe the “shock and awe” factor is what’s needed to make a difference.

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