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‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Proposes to His Girlfriend on the Iron Throne

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By Greg Seals on April 3, 2013

Sure, Game of Thrones is an amazing book series and television program, but who would ever think that it could cause a couple to form a bond stronger than Valyrian steel with a passion that burns hotter than Wildfire?

On Tuesday morning, TV 10-55’s Alex Denis was doing some live reporting at the traveling Game of Thrones exhibition — which includes props, costumes and a life-size replica of the Iron Throne — during its stop in New York when she stumbled upon a fan’s proposal. Her cameraman was able to capture the very moment when one fan had his queen sitting on the Iron Throne and popped the question, asking her to become the Khaleesi to his Khal Drogo.

If the two are still in need a wedding band, might we recommend Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh and his family band? Their cover of the GoT theme would make the perfect music to accompany them down the aisle.

We hear the happy couple has already registered for their own set of decorative petrified dragon eggs at Pottery Barn.

Now let’s just hope the affair is as wild as a Dothraki wedding.

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