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GIF: RGIII’s Knee Injury Looked Bad, and People Will Argue About It

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By HVsports on January 6, 2013

The Washington Nationals took guff for shutting down their best young player in the long-term interests of the franchise. The Washington Redskins are taking similar guff for doing the exact opposite on Sunday.

Redskins savior Robert Griffin III, already playing on a bum knee, appeared to further injure himself on the game’s second drive. Limping, hobbling, clearly hurt, but there he was — coach Mike Shanahan continued to ride his star QB. Until, in the fourth quarter, Griffin’s knee gave out on a bad snap.


Ouch. Famed orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews spent the day on the Redskins’ sideline, but not even a Bud Kilmer-ordered shot — “Give him the shot!” — could have brought RGIII back into this one.

Shanahan will face criticism, and it is deserved. It’s not that RGIII shouldn’t have played at all, it’s that he should have been pulled once it became clear he wasn’t healthy. RGIII was so obviously hurt, and even though he probably begged to remain in the game, it’s the coaching staff that has to be the responsible force who refuses to let him do so.

Robert Griffin III
(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Ultimately, RGIII should have Willis Reed’d this game: limp onto field, go up 14-0, be the mythical hero, leave it to Kirk Cousins to play in-game hero Clyde Frazier and win it. Les Kirk Cousins Dangereux did play after the gruesome injury, but too late, he not pull off a miracle Skins drive.


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