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Exposed! The Secret Sexual Tumblr of Florida School District CFO

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By HVnews on January 3, 2013

Update: Henegar resigned on Friday … see below.

The “Secret life of the MILF next door” isn’t so secret anymore.

DesireeIt was discovered that 47-year-old Desiree Henegar, the CFO of Florida’s Hernando County School District, posted more than 300 X-rated images to her Tumblr account over the last 9 months, often during school hours and key meetings.

Henegar confirmed to the Tampa Bay Times that the Tumblr account “Secret life of the MILF next door” was hers before its deletion sometime Wednesday, only then to be reactivated around noon Thursday, but only featuring posts from January 3.

The Daily Dot noted that Henegar’s posted sexual GIFs, and several disparaging text posts about district employees, including her boss, Bryan Blavatt, all from the account Floridagirl46. Henegar was active on the account during business hours, writing on July 31:

“Sitting in an extremely boring meeting next to my big boss who has nasty cigar breath. UGH!! I need to get out of here!!”

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The Times has a good tick-tock of her more suggestive posts:

On July 12 at 11:05 a.m., Henegar posted a photo of a man removing his shirt, “Why do I open tumblr at work? For the love of God, someone tell me why I do this!”

On Aug. 11 at 12:55 p.m., she posted a picture of a man exposing himself. “It’s such a distraction, especially in the middle of a meeting when I check my messages and HELLO! there it is,” she wrote. “Not awkward at all….just the opposite…an instant turn on.”

On Aug. 14, while at a School Board meeting, she posted two pornographic images, including one of a woman masturbating.

Desiree 2

A Twitter account under the same name, Floridagirl46, was recently deleted. According to Favstar, tweets featured handy sex tips such as:

Absofuckinglutely! @dixie_dupree RT @bristolsweets: Guys, it takes just the tip to rub a clit, and that can drive us crazier than a 10″ cock

The MILF in question (yikes!) and her secret life are still under investigation by the district. School board member John Sweeney offered, “If this all proves to be investigated and found true, I would fully expect she won’t be in the district for any long period of time.”

While it’s certainly not professional to be posting on your sexually explicit Tumblr during business hours as CFO of a school district, we can cut Ms. Henegar a break considering she didn’t parlay her sexual proclivity into an underage relationship with a student like so many other horny teachers.

Update: Desiree Henegar has resigned from her position Friday as the CFO of Hernando County’s School District. Her boss, Bryan Blavatt, who she posted critically about on the blog, spoke with Tampa Bay News 10.

“I don’t understand why this particular employee did what she did. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. I just found out about this [Tuesday] and I can’t believe it. I would have never suspected this individual.””

It’s believed that Blavatt will take Henegar’s resignation at the next school board meeting on January 22.

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