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Fiscal Cliff Babies: Bloomberg Businessweek Nails It Again

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on January 3, 2013

Tina Brown’s Newsweek print magazine failed, and everyone said it was inevitable. Maybe. Or maybe her trolling strategy just didn’t work.

Bloomberg Businessweek is showing, regularly, how to be provocative without being such low-class trolls. BW had the best Sandy cover, and it had the best Election Day cover. Clearly this fiscal cliff cover is a big winner, too.

BW fiscal cliff

You can read its signature fiscal cliff piece here.

Best Sandy Cover: ‘It’s Global Warming, Stupid’
Bloomberg Businessweek: Aging Obama’s ‘Next Four More Years’
Boehner Told Reid ‘Go F*&k Yourself,’ and Everyone Loves It

Although, if we ran a print mag, Barack Bluth would be our Cliff cover:

Obama Lucille

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