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Father of 22 Children by 14 Different Women, Expectedly, Has Serious Baby Mama Drama

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Brett Rosner

By Brett Rosner on June 5, 2013

Call him LL Cool O, because ladies certainly love Orlando Shaw.

The 33-year-old Tennessee man is father to 22 children by 14 different women. Yes, 22. Here’s some perspective: That’s two starting football teams’ worth of kids. His children range in age from infants to 18 years old.

NewsChannel5.com | Nashville News, Weather

When pressed, Shaw actually says he has 18 kids with 17 women. Is it possible that News Channel 5 knows more than he does?

While Shaw is pretty successful at spreading his seed, he lacks that same success quality in paying for child support. Now his baby mamas are taking him to court. But Orlando said his prior criminal history makes it hard for him to find a job. That’s understandable.

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According to NewsChannel 5, he’s already been thrown in jail several times for not paying his child support. Because Orlando can’t pay, the state is forced to cough up more than $7,000 each month to help support his kids.

Although he’s sucking up thousands of state taxpayers’ dollars a month, he comes off as a pretty nice guy who’s just looking for some luvin’.

“You can’t knock no man for loving women,” Orlando wisely said.

Check out what Orlando had to say when challenged to name all of his kids:

When asked if he wanted to have more kids he said, “Don’t want no more kids. I want to be fixed.” So do we Orlando, so do we.

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