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GoPro Captures Amazing Moment When Rescuers Find Missing Elderly Woman

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Brett Rosner

By Brett Rosner on July 31, 2013

An elderly woman beat the odds by surviving five days lost in the Russian wilderness. (Hey, it’s Russia, grandmothers are badasses.) Her story was made even more amazing because her rescue was being recorded.

The 77-year-old woman became disoriented in the forest while searching for berries. When she realized she was lost, she tried to use her cell phone to call her family, but her connection failed. One of the 35 rescuers searching for the woman was wearing a GoPro camera and recorded the incredible moment she was located. The action starts around 1:50:

• Missing Man Walks Up to News Crew Covering His Story
• Neighbor Who Found Missing Women Gives Great Interview

According to a Russian-speaking user on LiveLeak, the woman was found in surprisingly good shape, just asking for food and water:

“Can’t get up.”  “You can’t get up? Don’t worry. Valya?” – “Yes” – “Hello. We’ve been looking for you for some days now. Are you OK? We’ll carry you.”

“Do you feel OK?” – “I need something to drink so much.” – “… something to drink … Are you hurt? No stomach aches?” – “No, nothing is hurt, give me something to drink please… and to eat” – “drink… yes, just a second. Everything’s OK.”


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