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RIP Earl Weaver, Who Leaves Behind the Funniest Baseball Segment Ever

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on January 19, 2013

Legendary baseball manager Earl Weaver died on Saturday. He was 82.

Weaver managed the Baltimore Orioles for 17 seasons over two stints. His teams recorded a losing record in only one of those seasons. He counts among his managerial accomplishments six Eastern Division titles, four American League pennants, and a World Series championship (1970).

But more so than his success, Weaver is perhaps best known for his fiery temper. He was ejected from nearly 100 regular season games. He even has the hilarious footnote of being tossed from BOTH games of a doubleheader at least twice (against the Rangers in 1975; the Yankees in 1985). His legendary temper spilled over into one famous episode of Managers Corner, which he used to record for the local radio station with broadcaster Tom Marr.

This might be the funniest baseball segment ever:

If you’re curious, that segment never aired — Marr has confirmed several times that it was merely a prank on a radio engineer.

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