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Freaky Dust Storm in Western Australia Is Terrific, Terrifying

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on January 10, 2013

Back in July 2011, many Americans heard the term “haboob” for the first term when a 50-mile-wide dust cloud rolled through and swallowed the Phoenix area. But that monster wall of dust has nothing on the terrifying, terrific tsunami of dust doom that swept through Onslow in Western Australia on Wednesday.

dust storm onslow australia
Brett Martin/FishWrecked.com

You’d love to see Bob Ross paint this thing, right?

onslow dust storm

Yahoo’s Australia site has more details:

Jurien Bay man Brett Martin and his colleagues were working west of False Island when the thunderstorm, which had gathered dust and sand as it developed, passed over Onslow and out to the Indian Ocean.

Mr Martin said the storm built up in a matter of minutes.

“We were steaming along in the boat just before sunset and the storm was casually building in the distance, then it got faster and faster and it went from glass to about 40 knots in two minutes,” he said.

Perth Weather Live’s Facebook page has some amazing pics of the storm.

dust storm

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onslow dust storm 2
Levi Cooper

onslow dust storm 3
Josh Oniel

dust storm lightning

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