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Durex’s New Fundawear Wants to Revolutionize Long-Distance Lovin’

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on April 18, 2013

Durex is experimenting with a new product called Fundawear that will either revolutionize the long-distance relationship or leave both parties completely unsatisfied. Ever wanted to have a three-way with an iPhone? Away we go …

durex fundawear

Fundawear is nothing new, per se. The word “teledildonics,” coined back in 1975 by Ted Nelson in his Computer Lib/Dream Machines, describes erotic sex toys controlled by or through computers. We’ve discussed concepts like RealTouch and LovePalz on these pages before. But this new product does seem easier, and sexier, and less intrusive, and it provides more user control.

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Here’s the promotional video Durex Australia is rolling out now:

Of course, you probably don’t even need a partner for this. While Fundawear is billing itself as “the future of foreplay” and “touch over the Internet,” this could very easily turn into a product for solo use for any man or woman with an active imagination and an imaginary partner. Go to town.

Also, is this the future for how webcam models will do business?

But here’s how this product will probably work in reality:

Want to get involved in the testing stage? Check out Durex’s Facebook.

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