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Craigslist Poster Wants Black Trick-or-Treaters to ‘Stay the Hell Out’

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on October 31, 2013

This Halloween seems to be bringing out the extra-dark side of people.

There’s the North Dakota woman who plans on shaming “moderately obese” children with a sternly worded letter in lieu of candy. There’s Trayvon and Zimmerman and Julianne Hough and all that blackface. And now there’s some heinous Craigslist poster near Norfolk, Virginia, telling black trick-or-treaters they’re not welcome. Well, this poster’s language was not as gentle.

Reminder: Overage Trick Or Treaters Stay Out! (Larchmont-Edgewater)
We hate seeing kids older than twelve going house to house for free candy. Doing so is illegal and this year we will be calling the police on you b**tards. Overage trick or treating is a Class 4 misdemeanor and carries a $250 fine. This will also go on your criminal record if you don’t have one already.
And you n**lets, stay the hell out! We’re a white neighborhood and we don’t want you baboons here!! You little turds better think twice going into my neighborhood or you will be legally punished.

I guess no one let this person know that it’s not illegal to be un-white? They seem unaware that the Confederacy fell almost 150 years ago.

The part about the overage trick-or-treaters sounds pretty insane, too, but Norfolk is actually one of a handful of communities around the country to institute age restrictions for candy solicitation. Children 12 and under are allowed to move about as they please before 8 pm. But those Bar Mitzvah-aged and older do need to be careful.

Norfolk Police say they will respond if anyone calls for over-age trick-or-treaters.
“It would be a Class 4 misdemeanor, and would entail a fine, and it wouldn’t be against the child, it would be against guardian, the parent,” said Spokesman Chris Amos.

The original Craigslist posting, which was published in the Rants and Raves section, has been deleted, but naturally some despicable responses are still available for viewing. This one, good lord:

When the little niglets come to my door, especially the ones with the beads in their hair, I make sure to give them last years left over candy.

How about next year you dress up as an actual human being?

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