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CondAm: Student Delivers Condoms to Fellow Coeds in Emergencies

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By HVvids on February 14, 2013

Kyle McCabe, real American hero: A sophomore at The College of New Jersey started a business delivering condoms on campus to promote safe sex. He’ll be there in five minutes, if you can hold out after placing an order.

“Kyle can’t watch, though, or he has to pay a hundred.”

The concept isn’t new, but given today’s methods of placing orders, this could be most helpful and expedient and lead to big business expansion.

It’s called CondAm, short for Condom Ambulance:

Once you call, text, or submit our order form via our website, your condoms will arrive at your door in about 5 minutes (during express hours)! You can expect to pay about the same, if not less for our condoms (we currently stock only Trojans but are looking to expand) than you would at a store. The difference is, we deliver them right to you! And FAST!

Kyle weighed in on YouTube about the question of whether he’d be on the hook if a condom turned out to be faulty: “We’re also a registered Limited Liability Corporation AND I make each student sign a waiver of liability at the point of purchase. Don’t worry, this venture has been well thought out!”

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[via Neetzan]
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