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One Bites The Dust: Sacha Baron Cohen Leaves Freddie Mercury Biopic

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Brett Rosner

By Brett Rosner on July 23, 2013

The long-awaited Freddie Mercury biopic is now in limbo after actor Sacha Baron Cohen withdrew from the Queen project.

According to Deadline.com, Cohen and the surviving members of Queen were not seeing eye-to-eye on the tone of the iconic singer’s story. Cohen reportedly wanted a “gritty R-rated tell-all centered around the gifted gay singer.” The band wanted more of a PG-rated Disney story. This creative difference has apparently forced Cohen from the project.

It’s hard to see anyone else playing Mercury, but how about Marc Martel, the Downhere singer who tore up the Internet with this:

You’ll be able to see Cohen in the upcoming Anchorman sequel out this December. Here’s a sneak preview of the epic fight between Cohen, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

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