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Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Fight Outside a LA Recording Studio

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on January 28, 2013

Update: Ocean intends to press charges … see below.

Chris Brown has already fought women. Now the inter-gender boxer is fighting the gays. Who’s next: children? the elderly? the homeless?

chris brown frank ocean brawl

The Rihanna-punching musician is reportedly under investigation for assault after being involved in a brawl with Frank Ocean outside of a Los Angeles recording studio on Sunday night. The fight was over a parking spot.

frank ocean chris brown fight

TMZ’s latest update:

“Cops say they will continue to investigate and want to speak with Chris Brown. They refer to Ocean as “the victim” because he’s the one who stuck around and spoke with police. Ocean said the fight started over a parking space (how L.A.) and Brown punched him. There were 6 people involved in the fight.”

Will it affect Ocean’s Grammys performance?

frank ocean chris brown fight 2

Update: Frank Ocean intends to press charges against Brown for the brawl that ensued outside the Westlake Studios in West Hollywood on Sunday night

L.A. Sheriff’s Office spokesman Steve Whitmore told the Post that Ocean is “desirous of prosecution” he’s faced since he came out as bisexual in July.

Brown remains on probation until August 2014 as a consequence of beating up Rihanna on the eve of the 2009 Grammys. This brawl will likely put a stop on the Brown’s plan to perform with Rihanna at this year’s Grammys.

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