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The Children of Syria: A Big Reason to Care About the Syrian Civil War

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By Jeff Wilber on February 13, 2013

After only a whisper of concern in the State of the Union, it seems that American leaders will continue to tip-toe around the issue of assisting Syrian rebel forces. President Obama said, “We will keep the pressure on a Syrian regime that has murdered its own people, and support opposition leaders that respect the rights of every Syrian,” but he offered no solution.

On Wednesday, though, GlobalPost debuted an exclusive video that takes a direct look at the children caught in the middle of the Syrian civil war. With no clear direction from American leaders on how we will assist the Syrian opposition, this video is a stark reminder that a solution is needed.

The transitions of smiling faces to stone-cold scares are a direct reflection of the reality that exists for these Syrian children. It is tragic to think that any child should have to grow up in a war zone, but it is an issue that must be discussed should we conceive any notion of ending it.

A conflict that began in March 2011, the Syrian uprising has seen an estimated 60,000 people killed in a struggle to end tyranny. With rebels moving in on key targets across the country, and Russian military supplies to the Assad regime continuing, hesitation at this point is a very costly gamble.

Whether you agree with American involvement or not, no child deserves the type of life these young Syrians experience every day.

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