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France ‘Crop Dusts’ England: Mystery Odor Wafts Across English Channel

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By Jeff Wilber on January 22, 2013

Like the ultimate intercontinental fart, France is crop dusting England.

A chemical leak in Rouen, France, is the cause of a mysterious odor wafting across the English Channel. The leak has now covered hundreds of square miles from France to England. The company responsible for the leak is owned by Lubrizol, a branch of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

The response from the Hastings Police? The hashtag #noneedtopanic.

The “no need to panic” hashtag was developed in response to an increased number of concerned residents in the town of Hastings, England, who were reporting potential gas leaks in the area. Other responses to the leak have included the hashtag #mondieu, which roughly translates to “my god,” and the postponement of a French Cup soccer match.

According to the Associated Press:

France’s Interior Ministry released a statement saying the mercaptan gas escaping from the Rouen chemical factory is harmless. Among other uses, mercaptan is added to otherwise odorless municipal gas to alert people of leaks. The factory has been shut down, and environmental authorities are carrying out tests.

With nobody harmed, we all know farts are funny, so enjoy these ripe clips.

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