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CBS Reporter Clocked By Ol’ Coot

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By HVmedia on February 1, 2013

Jeff Chirico is taking hard-hitting journalism quite literally.

The CBS Atlanta reporter was investigating Richard Wilder, a businessman who had been charged with stealing the tax refunds of his customers. Just weeks after he was charged with counts of theft by deception and one count of racketeering for stealing his customer’s tax refund checks, he was found operating a new business. Chirico then attempted to speak with Wilber at his newly established business, but his attempts to speak with Wilber were met with the flying fists of Donald Wilder, Richard’s father.

Like a scene out of a backwoods There Will Be Blood, the elder Wilber towers over Chirico after knocking him to the ground proclaiming, “Don’t you dare attempt to go in business. Don’t you dare!”

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