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Carnival Shitstorm II: Will Fly Cruisers Home From Stranded Ship

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By HVnews on March 14, 2013

The PR department at Carnival Cruise Lines is really living The Dream.

Just a month after a fire crippled a Carnival Triumph ship in the Gulf of Mexico, causing the ship to have to be towed to port as conditions onboard reach ‘Lord of the Flies’-level peril, malfunctions have struck a ship docked in St. Maarten with reports of no electricity and overflowing toilets from passengers onboard. CNN, man your battle stations!


Carnival’s The Dream, which left from Port Canaveral, Florida, on a seven-day cruise on Saturday, was scheduled to leave port 5 pm on Wednesday. But due to a failure with the vessel’s emergency generator, the ship is stranded until repairs to the “technical issue” can be made. In an official statement released on its Facebook page, Carnival cruise does acknowledge that the ship’s sewage system did experience interruptions.

“…but there were periodic interruptions to elevators and toilets for a few hours last night. However, at this time all hotel systems are functioning normally and have been functional since approximately 12:30 a.m.”

Now Carnival is making arrangements to fly passengers home: “While personnel continue to work on the technical issue we are making arrangements to fly all guests home via private charter flights and scheduled flights from St. Maarten,” an official statement said. “Guests on the current voyage will receive a refund equivalent to three days of the voyage and 50 percent off a future cruise. We are also canceling the ship’s next voyage which is scheduled to depart on Saturday, March 16.”

Passengers who are being held onboard per order from the captain for accountability purposes are reporting more severe conditions though. One of the 4,000 plus passengers, Gregg Stark, reported conditions onboard to CNN:

“There’s human waste all over the floor in some of the bathrooms and they’re overflowing — and in the state rooms. The elevators have not been working. They’ve been turning them on and off, on and off.”

This news comes just after an announcement on Tuesday from Carnival that it would be conducting a “comprehensive review” of all 23 ships in its fleet. Live streaming video footage from aboard the ship can be seen here.

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