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Overgrown Bully Strangles Gold Coast Human Statue For No Apparent Reason

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Let’s say you’re a fucking asshole. And let’s say you’re hanging out on the Gold Coast in Australia, just being a fucking asshole, when you happen upon a street performer, one of those human statue guys who risk early-onset cancer by painting themselves head-to-toe for a handful of daily shekels.

Now, what do you do? If you said “Strangle the dude in front of a three-year-old,” congratulations, you’re a bigger prick than most.

According to the YouTube description, the police did find this jerkstore: “Right after this video was taken this douchebag and his 5 friends took off laughing and joking about it for about 10 minutes until this video was shown to police and he was located then slammed into the concrete by 4 coppers, handcuffed and arrested by the Queensland Police. Assault charges along with 7 other charges were laid so a somewhat satisfying end to the story.”

Coincidentally, this human statue is actually the same guy who punched a heckler after an unsolicited Wet Willie back in March of this year:

Man, so much violence involving street performers these days.

Also: Life imitating EuroTrip?

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