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Budweiser’s ‘Buddy Cup’ Syncs Cheers-ing to Facebook; Meh, Why Not Bang With Friends?

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on April 26, 2013

“When two people toast with their cups, they become friends.”

Technology. Sometimes it connects us in all the right ways. Sometimes it’s a most unnecessary gimmick. Take the Buddy Cup, for example: Budweiser Brazil just launched this program, which equips cups with Facebook technology and allows anyone who performs a routine “Cheers!” to automatically become social network friends. “That makes my life infinitely more meaningful,” said only that one creep who still faps to Facebook photos.

Why Facebook? When you’re in a bar, and you’re getting toasty with strangers, do you really want to wake up the next day and be Facebook friends with them? Wouldn’t you rather this synced to Bang With Friends, or it automatically exchanges that covert sex email your significant other doesn’t know about, or favorites that person on Grindr? Do that, we’ll talk.

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