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Wild Chair-Throwing, Gun-Firing Brawl Erupts at Dominican Political Party Meeting

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By Jeff Wilber on January 29, 2013

Six people were treated for gunshot wounds after this unbelievable fight erupted at a Dominican Revolutionary Party meeting in Santo Domingo on Sunday. And you thought infighting among Republicans was bad …

Throwing chairs and brandishing pistols, the fight came amid the political unrest between leaders Miguel Vargas and Hipolito Mejia.

Vargas, current the leader of the PRD, accused former Dominican President Mejia, who had been expelled from the party last month, of hiring a mob to insight the violence and chaos witnessed in the video.

Mejia denies any involvement in the riot and is leaving the investigation to police to determine who is to blame for the outrageous scene.

This, of course, isn’t the first strange act of violence we’ve seen of late courtesy of the Dominican Republic — flash back to this hard-to-believe story we covered in December of a prank on a magician gone way too far.

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