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The Booty Lounge, Detroit’s Mobile Strip Club, Came Back to Lions’ Tailgates

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By HVsports on November 25, 2013

The tail has indeed returned to Detroit Lions tailgates.

Last week we told you that The Booty Lounge, Detroit’s mobile strip club that had been banned by police from the stadium in 2011, had planned to return to Eastern Market to warm up cold pre-gamers.

It did just that on Sunday.

“It was entertainment for everybody around here, it was great,” one fan who didn’t want us to use his name told WXYZ.

Hmm, surprising this tailgater wanted to remain anonymous.

Owner Joe Vegas said the first day back was slow say, which was more of an awareness issue than a problem with a lack of alcohol and the dancers wearing bikinis. “The bus has also moved, WXYZ reported. “Sunday it was parked on private property, near the Eastern Market.”

booty lounge inside

Alright, Detroit, now you know. Go forth.

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