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Blind Dog and His Seeing-Eye Dog Rescued From Local Shelter

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By HVvids on March 22, 2013

Isaac, a blind husky, and Isabella, a terrier mix, are perfect for each other. She is his seeing-eye dog. Where one goes, so goes the other. But when the two dogs were found as strays, together (natch), in San Bernadino, California, they were turned into a shelter and were both scheduled to be put down this week. Thankfully they were rescued by a local foundation.

Their story is terrific, complete with this line about why we love animals so much: “These two are a great example of why animals are so special. They do have feelings, they do understand their environment, circumstances.”

What make their story great is the last-minute rescue, but New York Magazine’s Dan Amira was quick to point out that a dog with a seeing-eye dog isn’t as rare as you might think:

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[via @Margafret]
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