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Post-Paparazzo Fight, Bieber’s Headed For a 2007 Britney-Style Meltdown

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By HVentertainment on March 8, 2013

On Thursday night, the Associated Press was worried enough that it blasted out a breaking news update that Justin Bieber had to be hospitalized after experiencing shortness of breath and collapsing at his show at the 02 Arena in London. Bieber Instagrammed this shirtless photo of himself getting some much-needed R&R, captioning it “Gettin better listening to Janice Joplin.” He was obviously still not well enough to correctly spell Janis’s name.


On Friday, however, it seemed as if Bieber’s full strength was restored as he was leaving the Central London Hotel when he decided to take a page straight out of Britney’s 2007 media meltdown handbook and freak the f*&k out on a British paparazzo. Aww, c’mon, this is adorable.


Bieber didn’t need an umbrella to go apesh!t on the paparazzo who hurled insluts of “f**k off back to America”, “f**king little moron” outside the singer’s SUV. It was enough to incite Justin to blast open the door and scream “I’ll beat the f&%king f&*k out of you” as his bodyguard had to restrain him.

So what’s to make of this recent string of 2007 Britney-style behavior the Biebs has been exhibiting recently? Should we expect him to see him shaving his head in a moment of media meltdown desperation for control? If that does indeed happen, 4chan’s shown us it doesn’t take much coaxing to go #bald4Bieber. And who will stand up and tell his audience of YouTubers to “Leave Justin Alone!!!!1!!!1?” Certainly it’s not Chris Crocker — he’s got his porn-lovin’ mouth full of other jobs these days.

Bieber seems to have calmed down since the tiff:

It might be high times high time Bieber took himself out of the spotlight for a bit. Li’l dude seems a bit on edge. Hit the beach, man, or maybe space.

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