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Beachmint Refutes PandoDaily Report: Where Does The Truth Lie?

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Lee Brenner

By Lee Brenner on July 3, 2013

A few days ago, I was watching TV and noticed a StyleMint (a brand of Los Angeles-based startup BeachMint) commercial come on. I thought, “Wow, I know some of the folks running that place. They must really be doing well.”

On Tuesday, however, PandoDaily reported that co-founders Diego Berdakin (a Facebook friend of mine) and Josh Berman (former “co-worker” of mine at MySpace) had been ousted, they’d be returning $20 million back to investors, and that almost all employees will be let go.

In the article, PandoDaily reporter Michael Carney wrote:

What we can say, is that the majority of BeachMint’s more than 100 employees – a number that has slowly declined from its 2012 high of nearly 150 – will almost certainly be out of a job.

I immediately took that piece of information to heart and realized how much it must suck to be one of those employees right now. Being “let go” is never fun, especially when its due to no fault of your own.

Today, the plot thickened when I noticed in my Facebook feed around 9 am PST a sponsored post from Diego Berdakin:

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 11.59.27 AM

That was soon followed by another:

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 12.12.03 PM

Based on the contradiction with the PandoDaily story, we’ve reached out for a response to the reporter, Mr. Carney, as well as one of his colleagues. As soon as one is given, we’ll update here.

As of our publishing here, the original PD post is still live (without correction or update) on PandoDaily.

Although the employees may feel a bit better hearing this update from their boss, is the reporting completely false or is this a way to make them not worry over the 4th of July holiday?

UPDATE: Pandodaily put the following note at the top of its piece:

Note: Beachmint is disputing this story. We’re continuing to report and will update it if we have evidence our reporting was not correct.

Also, Business Insider spoke to Diego Berdakin and has his response, which mirrors his Facebook posts above, here.
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