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Gotham Meltdown: Times Square Batman In Confrontation With Faux Gangsta

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on December 23, 2013

Batman is supposed to help those in need, to step in and fight the bad guys. So what happens when it turns out that Batman is the bad guy in the scenario? A man in NYC’s Times Square dressed as The Caped Crusader got into a confrontation with another man, and he was dropping all sort of bad language bombs in front of unsuspecting children.

Don’t worry: Two Spider-men were there to step in and wrangle their fellow hero. It’s good to see them working together after that scuffle in Toronto.

Though this Batman didn’t seem particularly legit, he wasn’t completely without superpowers. He has a knack from gangsta spotting.

“He think he gangsta but he ain’t no gangsta. I know a gangsta when I see one.”

What do you think BatKid would have to say about all this?

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