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Assad Compares Syria Civil War to Rodney King Riots In Fox News Interview

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By HVnews on September 19, 2013

Ruthless Syrian dictator and Police Academy 5 reboot villain Bashar al-Assad sat down with Fox News’ Greg Palkot and former congressman Dennis Kucinich to discuss chemical weapons, the nation’s civil war and Rodney King.

Yes, Rodney King. In denying that Syria was in the midst of a civil war, Assad countered with “What did you do in Los Angeles in the ’90s when you have rebels? Didn’t you send your army? You did.” Similar situations, surely.

Here, Assad says chemical weapons attack could have been from rebels:

Bashar al-Assad Looks Just Like …
Syria Accepts Offer to Hand Over Control Of Chemical Weapons

Assad says a U.N. report that found “clear and convincing evidence” of a sarin nerve gas attack in Syria last month is “unrealistic” and denies his regime orchestrated the attack that killed hundreds.

For more on this surreal moment in history, check out ABC News’ list of the seven oddest exchanges and statements from the interview.

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