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Good Guy Schwarzenegger Gives Great Life Advice, Is Lovable Again

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on March 7, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the man. His drive to be the biggest and best, unparalleled. His movies, classics. His catchphrases, legendary. His eagerness to help people be active and stay fit, unmatched. He could take a joke about himself. He was smart, and funny, and cumming all the time.

But then, politics happened. In 2010, the Field Poll showed Arnold had the lowest approval rating of any sitting governor in a half-century. Just 22 percent of voters surveyed approved of his performance; 70 percent disapproved. A year later, out of office, it slipped even further when news broke that he fathered a boy out of wedlock. Too much cumming outside the gym, natch.


Slowly but surely, Ah-nold is resuscitating his career through the pictures. But it’s what he’s doing off camera and away from public spotlight that will make you fall in love with him all over again. Schwarzenegger spent Wednesday on Reddit, not plodding through another AMA with canned answers, but actually trying to pump up subscribers to the Fitness subreddit.

After he posted a video he hoped would inspire the masses, he stuck around to hand out some of the most sage life advice you’ll see on the web.

First, his post: “Inspirational footage of wounded warrior Derick Carver hitting up the Crossfit ‘Linda’ workout at the 2013 Arnold Classic. In 3 years, Derick has recovered from a near fatal attack in Afghanistan and will be soon be opening up his own Crossfit affiliate in Shelby, Michigan.”

But, wait, it gets better. Ray Williams, a weightlifter who is trying to shatter his own world record by squatting 1,000 pounds, is also on Reddit. When his bar broke, Reddit chipped in and bought him a new one. Check out the top comment in this thread when Williams told the community he got his new bar.

schwarzenegger ray williams

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But, wait, it gets even better. Unrelated to fitness, a fan hijacks the thread to chime in to ask his hero some life advice. Considering Arnold is a self-made millionaire immigrant, his advice is probably worth a damn. But would a emga-star former governor take time out of his day to respond? Not only did he respond, but it’s terrific advice. Click to embiggen. Awesome.

schwarzenegger reddit advice

He may suck at DVD commentary, but that’s awesome advice.

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