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Lance Armstrong’s Doping Could Crash Olympic Cycling Forever

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By Jeff Wilber on January 15, 2013

Lance Armstrong, once cycling’s poster child and the tour’s biggest troll, could soon become a bigger nightmare to the sport of cycling than cars.

Amid the apology tour Armstrong began this week, that included a conference with Livestrong staff and an in-depth interview with Oprah, Armstrong is being pushed to testify about the reality of the doping scandal surrounding his career, a testimony that could end Olympic cycling.

via AP

Other than ruining Armstrong’s career, the scandal could prove to have much larger implications. According to the Associated Press, with the combination of testimony and the Oprah interview, the International Cycling Union, UCI, is now urging him to testify before their own independent commission.

The UCI basically wants to know of any allegations Armstrong may have of an attempted cover-up by the union, before he testifies in court. Though this may seem like a preventative measure for the union, the International Olympic Committee is looking at things differently.

According to Reuters:

Cycling could be dropped from the Olympic program if Lance Armstrong implicates the sport’s governing body of covering up a widespread doping scheme, International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Dick Pound told Reuters on Tuesday.

If in fact it is discovered that the UCI assisted Armstrong in a doping cover-up, Pound warns that serious action, like dropping cycling from the Olympics, could be a real scenario.

Armstrong’s actions could cost thousands of athletes their Olympic careers, but hey, you could always get a second job peddaling rugs like Lance.

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