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Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention Chief Arrested For Sexual Battery

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on May 6, 2013

Female soldiers in today’s military are 180 times more likely to be sexually assaulted by a fellow soldier than killed by an enemy.

Jeffrey-KrusinskiThat’s an astounding figure.
The sheer numbers are even worse: There were about 3,000 official reported cases of military sexual assault in 2011, but that’s nothing compared to a report commissioned by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, which put the actual annual number at about 19,000 (see update below, it’s even higher).

It’s not like there isn’t any prevention training these days. There’s even a Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program, a Defense Department initiative to combat this nasty epidemic. Wait, hang on, we may have identified the problem:

The Chief of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response branch of the U.S. Air Force was arrested and charged with sexual battery in Arlington over the weekend.

Lt. Col. Jeff Krusinski is accused of fondling a woman in a Crystal City parking lot early Sunday morning.

“A drunken male subject approached a female victim in a parking lot and grabbed her breasts and buttocks,” according to a Arlington County Police Department crime report. “The victim fought the suspect off as he attempted to touch her again and alerted police.”

“Jeffrey Krusinski, 41, of Arlington, VA, was arrested and charged with sexual battery,” police said. “He was held on a $5,000 unsecured bond.”

Oof. At this time it’s unclear how Krusinski’s face got so busted, but officers did say the victim did not know her alleged attacker.

UPDATE: ThinkProgress tweeted, “Air Force officer in charge of sexual assault prevention removed from post after arrest for sexual assault.”


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[image via ARLNow, h/t ThinkProgress]

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