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Insane Footage: Fatal Plane Crash in Afghanistan Caught on Dash Cam

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By HVvids on April 30, 2013

On Monday, a National Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 N949CA departed from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. The airplane, carrying seven crew members, stalled just after takeoff and proceeded to nose-dive straight into the ground.

All seven crew members perished in the crash, which was caught on the dash cam of an approaching vehicle. Warning: Brutal footage.

via NYCAviation

Watching that plane fall out of the sky is absolutely insane. RIP.

The Taliban reportedly claimed responsibility for the crash, but NATO says “the cause of the crash was being investigated, but there was no sign of insurgent activity in the area at the time,” according to the IBTimes.

Note: The timestamp on the video does not match up to yesterday’s date, but everything else we’ve checked out matches up to this footage.

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