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92-Year-Old Abe Vigoda, In a Wombat Suit, Danced on Stage With Phish on Halloween

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on October 31, 2013

Every Phish Halloween show since 1994 has featured a musical costume. The band picks a classic album and plays it, in full, in the middle of its three-set show. This year the band opted for a new approach, “breaking from tradition” to play an album from the future: Phish’s own “Wingsuit.”

During one of these song debuts, the lyrically absurd “Wombat,” a man in a wombat suit hobbled out and danced on stage with four back-up dancers. The song mentioned Abe Vigoda, star of TV’s Fish and Sal Tessio from The Godfather, and afterward when Trey Anastasio bantered that Abe Vigoda himself happened to be in the suit, one might have thought the Tony-nominated redhead was merely kidding.

Sure enough, after a quick body double switch, the man in the wombat suit hobbled back on stage and revealed himself to be … ABE F*&KING VIGODA.

Look at him. Ninety-two years old and happy as hell to be on stage with the popular rock band Phish in Atlantic City on Halloween.

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Here’s a crowd vid of the wombat dancing:

The Great Vigoda Reveal was even more surprising given the fact that Trey called out “Tom Hanks” during its a performance of “Wilson” on New Year’s Eve 2002, the band’s first gig after a two-year hiatus. Since the web wasn’t the web back then, many people believed Tom Hanks actually did come on stage, and not keyboardist Page McConnell’s brother Steve, until the big guns like People Magazine rode in a week later.

Within minutes, literally, Vigoda’s Wikipedia page had already been altered to show that he rocked it on stage with The Phish this Halloween:

vigoda wiki phish

We’ll add video to the post when it hits the web. Stay tuned.

Vigoda also filmed a brief Godfather sketch with the band that aired on the live webcast immediately following the second set.

vigoda phish setbreak

Abe Vigoda, man. Abe friggin’ Vigoda.

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