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This Man Ordered a Pizza by Computer … In 1974

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By Jeff Wilber on January 22, 2013

Before there was an online ordering and monitoring system, Donald Sherman became the first to order a pizza using a computer … way back in 1974.

Using a computer named Alexander, developed by Michigan State scientists, Sherman ordered a large pizza with vocal assistance from the computer. Though it took four attempts to place the order, because Domino’s and other pizzerias thought the call was a joke, local shop Mr. Mike’s was patient enough to take the order and deliver their way into history.

With the concept of the Internet slowly being developed in the late 1960s, Sherman’s phone call was the first step toward e-commerce and online communication. Other than being really cool, the experiment showed how practical the technology was, considering Sherman’s speech was limited by a neurological disorder called Moebius Syndrome.

According to Open Culture, the technology was developed by John Eulenberg at Michigan State’s Artificial Language Laboratory.

These days we can order all our pizzas conveniently and easily, and Domino’s lets us know that Himmler puts them in the oven … WAIT, WHAT?

dominos himmler
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[Open Culture]
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