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Strip Clubs Just Get Classier in 2013: A 15-Foot Fall & Drunk Child Care

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By HVnews on January 2, 2013

Strip clubs are off to a classy start in 2013.

No, we don’t mean the New Year’s Eve Salmon Slam Extravaganza at the Tanya’s Titty Emporium, where you paid to watch someone’s daughter shoot confetti out of places where confetti should never be shot, and a little person slowly slid down a pole like the ball in Times Square.

The first incident involves an ambitious young woman who was likely practicing a move from her routine for next year’s Miss Pole Dance 2013. The 22-year-old was performing a lap dance on the second story of a Christie’s Caberet in Cleveland, Ohio, when a move went horribly wrong and caused the victim to fall 15 feet. She suffered “major head trauma.”

The police report states:

“(The witness) stated that (the dancer) grabbed the rail, as he was facing away from the balcony, and she tried to complete some sort of jump/dance move, and accidentally went head first over the rail.”

Strip Club Arrest

With this second incident, it seems as if Florida is attempting to out-Florida itself in the new year.

A drunken Kenneth Rowe made an early run for Father of the Year when he asked the clerk of strip club’s liquor store to watch his 11-month-old child. The 26-year-old then left his baby behind in the Daytona Beach Shark Lounge. The clerk called the police, reporting the child was hungry and had a rash on its face.

Rowe now faces charges of child neglect, and the baby is in the care of the Department of Children and Families.

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