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$12,000 Painting Found at Goodwill Is Latest In Expensive Drop-offs

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By Jeff Wilber on January 14, 2013

An authentic Giovanni Batista Torriglia painting of a woman drinking tea was discovered last week at Goodwill donation center in Manassas, Virginia.

The piece, worth an estimated $12,000, was put up for auction on January 9. That auction will end January 16, so get in now.

via Shop Goodwill

The piece was found by Goodwill employee Maria Rivera, who told Washington’s WTOP:

I can see something and say, ‘That could be very expensive and give us a lot of money,’ but I’m not an expert.

I saw the painting — something attracted my eyes — and I said, ‘Wait a minute, this is the real thing here.’

Rivera’s discovery, though exciting, is a part of what seems to be a string of high-ticket art donations. In 2012 there were anonymous donations of works by Ilya Bolotowsky, Salvador Dali and Alexander Calder.

With this expensive artwork having been dropped into donation bins around the country with everything from used coats to old kitchenware, some of it was overlooked. Pieces that weren’t however, like the Torriglia, were sold at auction and were used to fund company initiatives like accessible training programs for Goodwill employees with disabilities.

To give you an idea of what to look for on your next trip to Goodwill, these are the three pieces mentioned above.

Bolotowsky: Vertical Diamond

via Sotheby’s

Dali: Reflection

via Shop Goodwill

Calder: Red Nose

Goodwill Art Find
via AP

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