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Man Busted With 100 Bags of Heroin ‘Inside Anus’ Will Be Butt of Jokes

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By HVnews on February 22, 2013

Someone needs to set up the lady with the biggest criminal vagina with this fella for a riveting reality show about the body’s inner luggage.

rasoul speightIn what may go down as the best ever use of “NO HOMO, SON,” 32-year-old Rasoul Speight, who police say was a member of the Bloods gang member, was busted by Palisades Interstate Parkway police and taken to the station due to outstanding warrants.

There, police found 100 bags “inside his anus,” according to NJ.com. Here’s the unfortunate part:

The estimated street value of 100 bags of heroin is around $1,000 in New York City, and around twice that in upstate New York.

All that for a thousand bucks, maybe two? Seems like a risk-reward problem.

The police report, via The Smoking Gun:

speight police report

Does this Curb Your Enthusiasm clip work for men, too?

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