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Zombie Reagan: Canceled

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By Distriction on May 24, 2012

About that auction of Ronald Reagan’s blood? It’s been canceled.

The Associated Press reports:

The PFC Auction house says the item will instead be donated by the seller to the late president’s foundation for display.

Reagan’s family, his foundation and his surgeon had criticized the proposed sale as an invasion of his privacy.

The foundation Thursday expressed appreciation for the decision.

Online bidding on the item had reached about $30,000 when the sale was suspended. It had been set to conclude Thursday evening.

You can now go about your business without fear of a Zombie Reagan. But if you’re still concerned about the fluids of ex-presidents, check out Bill Clinton posing with porn stars.

(photo credit: PFCAuction.com)

This post was originally featured on our kickass DC-focused site Distriction.


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