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Your Word of the Day: Teledildonics

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By HVculture on January 11, 2012

President Barack Obama kept his promise to end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home. But there are still more than 200,000 service men and women deployed overseas in 150 countries around the world, and that makes for many lonely nights for members of the military and their spouses back home.

Enter RealTouch, which aims to please. Literally.

Director of Sales Scott Rinaldo, speaking at a 2012 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) private event hosted by porn company Pink Visual, said RealTouch has a plan to connect military husbands with their wives back home (and, presumably, military wives with their husbands back home).

PCMag says Rinaldo plans to distribute “a thousand dildos for the military wives.” But these aren’t just ordinary sex toys — these are Internet-connected devices that bring in an element of virtual reality.

RealTouch is used primarily by men to interact with the porn streaming on their computers. If you’re familiar with the Fleshlight, it’s like buying one with a lubed-up pulse. But Rinaldo tells PCMag that now this technology can be used by soldiers overseas to pass those lonely nights, by connecting them intimately with their loved ones back home (it’s unclear where these soldiers would go to use such a device, but it’s the thought that counts). While the man plugs himself in, the military wife on the other end of the RealTouch connection controls his stimulation with a sensor-covered rod of sorts.

Here’s a bit more background about RealTouch (not entirely safe for work):

Rinaldo’s RealTouch plan sounds practical and all, but is it not overly one-sided? What exactly is in it for the woman here? Controlling a rod? Unless every military wife only gets off by getting her husband off, this seems like a bit of a flawed plan. Now, maybe we’re reading this wrong, and maybe “a thousand dildos for the military wives” come in addition to the RealTouch devices, allowing the military wives to provide stimulation to themselves and their husbands at the same time.

Either way, your word for the day is: teledildonics. Coined in 1975 by Ted Nelson in his Computer Lib/Dream Machines, these are erotic sex toys controlled by or through computers. As the technology becomes, well, sexier, more and more of your friends will own something in this market.

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