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Yes, An iPad Case You Can Have Sex With

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By Cooper Fleishman on January 25, 2012

Let’s face it, Apple fans can get a little fetishistic about their sleek, shiny products and accessories. Tablets and smartphones are pretty sexy: You turn them on by swiping, they respond to your every touch, there are tiny buttons that are hard to find, they go to bed with you and recharge while you sleep.

And now you can actually have sex with one. Below is a concept for an iPad case that holds a Fleshlight, which, if you’ve been under a rock in the last few years, is a fake, rubbery vagina in the shape of a flashlight. Since having sex with a plastic black tube isn’t as sensual as, say, having sex with a simulacrum of a torso or face, this concept really exploits the iPad’s interactive porno capabilities.

Or in other words, “various pre-recorded multimedia (photograph, video or animation) designed specifically for the tablet-penis interface.” If it comes with its own porn, that’s a bargain.

Whatever floats your boat, man. In 20 years we’ll be laughing at this primitive masturbation tech while we lay pipe to life-size 3-D sex holograms. Maybe it’s just me, but we’ll also be wondering what the hell we all bought tablets for. At least stimulating your genitals to climax is something practical.

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