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Easier Shtupping With Yenta, a Grindr-Style Dating App for Jews

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By HVculture on October 11, 2012

In Fiddler on the Roof, Yente the matchmaker brings together young turn-of-the-century Jews in Tsarist Russia. A hundred years later, horny Chosen Ones don’t have the ancient system of shidduch to depend on — but they do have iPhones, and now they have a dedicated app to spot nearby Jewish singles. It’s called, appropriately, Yenta.

The app, a location-based dating service akin to Grindr, is free and fairly easy to use. Users rank their religiousness on a sliding scale from “just” to “super Jewish.” You describe your “shtick” and list ideas for how your date might impress your mother.

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Newly released, Yenta apparently suffers from a lack of users. “Gentlemen, sign up,” pleads one reviewer. A writer at Heeb magazine shut it off after 20 minutes because “no one’s so much as offered me a bite of their knish.”

This is likely to change. Jewish singles’ mixers are super-awkward. And it takes chutzpah to hit on young women at synagogue, but no boychik wants to be that guy.

App-based dating is addictive and effective and discreet, and with all the users’ information made transparent, you can avoid talking religion on dates.

Until he’s yelling “Oh, God,” am I right?

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