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Watch This Woman Stroll Onto the Court During Sunday Night’s Nuggets-Lakers Game

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By HVsports on May 6, 2012

Usually when there’s a fan on the field, it’s baseball or football, and it’s a drunk dude or college boy. Rarely do well-dressed women just stumble out onto a basketball court like it’s no big thing.

On Sunday night, during Game 4 of the series between the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers, that very thing happened with just over one minute remaining in the first half.

The story gets a little stranger, though. Deadspin transcribed Craig Sager’s TNT report:

“The woman apparently randomly walking on to the floor. However this lady has a history with the Nuggets. I talked to a couple detectives. … Detective Todd Eriksson, who grabbed her and walked her off the court, said several years ago she was found stalking, following several players, basically banned from the arena. She got in tonight. Taken off. Taken over to the security area back here where — where, supervisor of the police department, Sergeant Larry Subia, obviously handled the case. They have charged her with trespassing. ironically this was Sergeant Subia’s perhaps final game after 34 years as a supervisor and working in the police department. 30 of those here at the Denver Nuggets. He is retiring end of the year. And if the Nuggets don’t force Game 6 his final game.”

Gotta love that Sager transitions nicely from the alleged stalker to a Lethal Weapon 7 plot featuring a basketball security supervisor who’s just one damn game away from retirement.

Police identified, arrested and charged 20-year-old Savannah McMillan-Christmas of Denver. Hey, at least she didn’t give the two-handed wank sign at opposing fans.


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