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The Very Best of ‘White People Mourning Mitt Romney’

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By HVentertainment on November 8, 2012

Not everyone is reacting to Tuesday’s reelection of Barack Obama as well as The Wire‘s creator David Simon, but that was to be expected.

People deal with grief in many different ways. For instance, some take their pain out on others, allegedly laying off 22 of their employees. Others put up a silent protest, flying their GOP flag at half staff.

There is yet another group for whom the wound is still fresh. Crestfallen doesn’t even begin to cover the depth of raw emotion these poor white people are reckoning with. Only the tides of time can heal such heartache. You survived four years under President Obama, and you will survive another four.

Your Tumblr of the Day is White People Mourning Mitt Romney.

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See the rest of these at White People Mourning Mitt Romney. Rival Minorities Mourning Mitt Romney, remains unsurprisingly silent.

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