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‘We ♥ Yu Long Time’ Sign Greets Rangers Japanese Import Darvish During Debut

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on April 10, 2012

Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish was the most anticipated Japanese import since Ichiro.

Darvish finally took the mound on Monday night, and although he barely made it out of the first inning of his major-league debut (giving up three walks and four hits to the Mariners over 42 pitches), the right-hander settled down nicely, retiring 10 straight at one point, to collect his first American win.

The fans rallied behind him at Rangers Ballpark, excited to see the stud they had been told so much about all winter long. Some fans, seemed really, really excited. Long-time excited.

(via AP)

(via @JimmyTraina twitpic)

It’s hard to know where we are sometimes. As a society. Some casual racism is deemed hilarious — if it’s truly funny, of course. And some seemingly innocuous comments are taken as offense.

Given the Jeremy Lin “chink in the armorfiasco, do you believe this sign is racist? If so, is it playful enough to elicit a laugh or totally overt racism and unacceptable in public?

And would it be too easy to point out to these guys that Darvish is Iranian-Japanese, and not from Vietnam, which is where the famous “Me Love You Long Time” line came from in Full Metal Jacket, making this somehow about how all Asian people look alike and not about the intended joke?

Either way, we hope this story has a happy ending. Oh, c’mon!

Weigh in with your thoughts below. Let’s get it going …


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