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Watch These Tots Throw Down, Presidential Debate-Style

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By Greg Seals on October 26, 2012

Watch these political preschoolers duke it out debate-style over the election, all while the little girl just stands there like the Jim Lehrer of playtime.

Here are 8 women who capitalized on their cherry by auctioning off their virginity.

#BaldforBeiber might be the best 4chan prank ever.

Meat really is murder, because Meat Loaf massacred “America the Beautiful” all in service of Romney 2012 yesterday.

Sarah Jones, the ex–NFL cheerleader turned teacher who slept with her student, might be getting a reality show.

This is your must-see Madea mashup of the day.

Charles Barkley and Weight Watchers promise you’ll lose inches off your waist, but gain it below your belt!

No one shops at Abercrombie anymore, because it’s not the late ’90s. Also, their CEO looks like Ron Perlman’s gay brother.

HallowMeme 2012 exalts the ultra-topical, serving up the best IRL costumes from pop culture and the internet.

Nothing is better than this Death Star pumpkin destroying another jack-o-lantern.

These coffeehouse coworkers put yours to shame. They bought their friend Kyle tickets to the World Series.

When Beyoncé says sing, YOU OBEY YOUR QUEEN!

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