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Volkswagen’s ‘The Dog Strikes Back’ Super Bowl Ad Is Here — and Really Kinda Weird

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By Cooper Fleishman on February 1, 2012

Last week, Volkswagen gave us a teaser video featuring dogs barking the Imperial March — and now it’s finally here, the 2012 Super Bowl commercial. What is it? A chubby canine can’t fit through the doggy door to chase the VW Beetles outside, so he starts a workout regimen. It’s pretty damn good. Not as original and charming as last year’s, but, as AdWeek notes, “it’s got a cute dog and a Star Wars reference, which is probably enough to make most folks happy.”

… Wait, hang on, what Star Wars reference? Oh yeah, wait till the “commercial” part is over: A group of aliens argue over which commercial is funnier, just like we’re doing now.

Then Grown-up Vader steps in, and … well, just see for yourself.

Here’s “The Bark Side” from last week:

And VW’s 2011 ad, “The Force”:


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